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Stress en Trauma

Sensitive Reflexology

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training for professional reflexologists

'Trauma is hell on earth.

Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.'

Peter Levin

The better you as a reflexologist understand the process of stress and trauma, the better you are prepared to deal with sudden and unexpected trembling, strong emotionals release or even sudden flash backs of trauma. Working in a sensitive way with trauma empowers you as a reflexologist to minimalize the possibility of re-traumatisation.


Professional reflexologists who have had a basic training in reflexology and are interested in working in a sensitive way with trauma and stress with participants.

Content and practical

The 2-day training covers theory and practical work:

  • how to arrange your clinic in a trauma sensitive way

  • what is trauma, what is PTSD?

  • measuring stress, depression and anxiety

  • trauma and the polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges

  • working on improving body awareness

  • working in a safe way and passing on safety in touch and in speech

  • what is neuroception?

  • access to the online platform with video material and scientific papers on stress and trauma


Are you interested in attending or organising this CPD Training, please contact me by clicking here.