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Sarafijn Hand Reflexology


The structure is easily accessible for beginners. Step by step you will discover it in your own hands and learn how to apply the reflexology techniques to the reflex points and zones.

For reflexologists / therapists it offers hands-on techniques for self-help to give to clients, who as an actient take responsibility in their process.

Selling price

25,00 euro without shipment costs. In case of more than one booking, or for shipping costs, please contact us first.


Order by emailing your name, address and message Sarafijn Hand Reflexologie (click here).

Not available in English


Sarafijn hand map


A4 size, double-sided full-colour printed and laminated. The reflexes and their location are indicated on the front. On the back is an overview of the order of treatment.

Selling price

6,5 euro's without shipping costs. Please contact to know the shipping costs.

Order by emailing your name, address and message Sarafijn hand map (click here)