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Sarafijn Practitioner

Sarafijn Basic Technique (SBT)

Touch is a language that the body recognises immediately. The Sarafijn Practitioner training teaches you to actually train the inner sense of security of your participant through touch, enabling effective processing and regeneration.

The Sarafijn Practitioner course trains reflexologists, body therapists, masseurs, CAM practitioners and anyone with coaching or therapist training who wishes to work physically, in feeling physical tension at the level of the skin through touch. The practitioner's heart coherence field invites the participant's tension field to move, by means of targeted touches that support the feeling of safety. In this way, the information present in the patient on a physical, mental, emotional, social and metaphysical level can be released in all safety and be gently processed.

The training consists of the 2-day training Sarafijn Basic Technique, giving and receiving an individual session on a test subject by a recognised Sarafijn Practitioner teacher. Upon successful completion of the last session you will receive your Sarafijn Practitioner certificate and be listed on the website.

Online training is possible and consists of

  • Online teachings on the theory and intuition behind the different holds, grips and projections

  • 1 Online meeting by Zoom to enlarge the embodiment experience of the practitioner

  • 1 Online meeting by Zoom on exchanging experience and to cover the questions

  • 1 Online meeting on an individual basis to fine tune the technique. You need to have a model to work on and some one who assists you in filming your moves. You will be assisted online by Heinrike Bergmans in what you sense and how you performe the SBT.

"Great things never came from comfort zones"

For whom?

For CAM-practitioners, body workers and professionals who want to integrate inner security through touch into their treatment. Previous knowledge of reflexology is not required but is a plus.


The Sarafijn Practitioner (SP) was developed from the basic principles of foot reflexology, the knowledge of energetic systems, the effect of heart coherence and the biology of stress, trauma and stimulus processing.


  • construction of the Sarafijn Basic Technique

  • hands-on learning by giving (and receiving, this will not be possible online) the Sarafijn Basic Technique

  • specific grips to offer safety, to stimulate balance and to initiate movement in areas of tension

  • starting with interoception

  • insight into mirror communication

  • insight into the drama triangle and the pitfalls as a practitioner from the role of helper

  • working with the electromagnetic field of the earth

  • working with your own electromagnetic field of the heart

  • insight into the reactions on a physical, emotional, mental, social and metaphysical level

Practical matters


Online teaching is possible starting from 4 participants. Your teacher will be Heinrike Bergmans

Upcoming dates :

  • Start Wednesday 26th May - Zoom Session in English  20:00u- 22:00 Brussels time (CEST)

    • Online training in your own speed, all the necessary learning material, presentations, pictures and movies will be at your disposal

    • Thursday 10th June - Zoom Session in English  20:00u- 22:00 Brussels time (CEST) Q&A

    • Online personal training (1:30u). We book the dates for this session either in one of the previous Zoom sessions or via mail.

Tuition fee: 

  • 555,00 euro inclusief BTW voor de training, de persoonlijke sessie gegeven door een docent (1,5 uur), een persoonlijke supervisie door een docent (1,5 uur), cursusmateriaal en drank bij ontvangst en pauzes. Lunch zelf mee te brengen. Indien je vooraf al een sessie gehad hebt bij één van de docenten, kan deze in mindering gebracht voor een bedrag van 135,00 euro inclusief BTW  op de inschrijvingsprijs. Gelieve dit vooraf te laten weten door het te vermelden in het vrije vak in het inschrijvingsformulier - datum en naam van Sarafijn Practitioner.

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