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Sarafijn Coach

Does it interest you to work with the invisible imprints that are stored both in the mind and in the body? Do you want to work actively with the tension that you see happening in your participants? Then the Sarafijn Coach course is right for you. Learn how to lead the process of change.

The Sarafijn Coach programme developed from the basic principles of:

  • reflexology: the mirroring and interaction between the physical micro and macro systems

  • the knowledge of the quantum field: everything is energy and energy is always in motion and transformation at every moment and everywhere. Stagnation in energy flow causes discomfort that can lead to pain and a limitation of the natural potential.

  • the heart coherence: by means of conscious breathing you put yourself in a safe, inner mode so that you keep access to the 3 parts of your brain, even under difficult and challenging circumstances.

  • the biology of stress: understanding how the three brains work together, which systems are activated under stress and the importance of the perception of the action.

  • systemic working: a spatial representation of stored experiences and their relationship to various systems

There is a strong emphasis within the programme:

  • experience, observing and experience for yourself

  • building up its own frame of reference 

  • integrating the insights, concepts and techniques

For whom?

For CAM practitioners, bodyworkers, Stress and Burn-out coaches and professionals who want to transform (old) stress imprints into a current context.


The following topics will be discussed over the 5 days:


1, physical safety as a basis for change

  • experience what physical security feels like

  • how you can guide the action in experiencing physical safety

  • experiencing body awareness

  • tools to train body awareness

  • the path of least resistance

  • the force of present touch or full presence (holding space)

2, mapping of stress imprints in the system

  • recognition of stress imprints

  • learning to turn stagnation into potential

  • tools to rewrite a stress imprint

  • gain insight into how resonance works

  •  developing the resonant power of the  action

3, working with non-linear time

  • what is non-linear time?

  • what is past, present and future?

  • learning to work with quantum thinking: beyond time and space, multidimensionality, energy, frequency and matter

4, working with imagery language

  • the power of images

  • why words are sometimes missing

5, working with simultaneous timelines

  • how the past is present in the present

  • how the present is the basis for the future

  • how behaviour is passed on from one generation to the next



5-day training Sarafijn coach + 2 contact moments during which you can practice individually under the guidance of an experienced Sarafijn Coach. Maximum 8 participants.

Location: Worldwide, if you are interested in hosting the Sarafijn Coach Training, please contact by clicking here

Agenda :

  • Click here to go to the agenda - days walking from 10:00 to 17:00 (10AM to 5PM)

  • 2 individual contact moments (1,5 hours) by appointment at/with a Sarafijn Coach or over Skype

Teaching fee: 

  • 5-day training Sarafijn Coach: 1.750,00 euro including VAT.

  • Included are drinks and refreshments during the breaks, syllabus and access to online academy.


  • Heinrike Bergmans

You can register by clicking on this link