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Sarafijn Centrum

Touch is a language that the body recognizes immediately. The training to Sarafijn Practitioner teaches you to use touch to train the inner safety feeling of your participant so that effective processing and regeneration is possible.

The Sarafijn Practitioner training trains bodyworkers and CAM practitioners in the sensation of physical tension at the level of the skin through touch. Targeted grips and the practitioner's own heart coherence field, invite the participant's field of tension to get in motion. In this way, the information present in the participant on a physical, mental, emotional, social and metaphysical level can be released in complete safety and be processed in a gentle way.

The training consists of the 2-day training Sarafijn Basic Technique and following 2 recurring moments of half a day or 6 hours. Upon successful completion of the last return, you will receive the certificate of Sarafijn Practitioner with the possibility to be listed on the website.