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By offering experiential training, treatments and coaching, the Sarafinn Network supports the broadening of individual consciousness and potential.


We talk about participants instead of clients or coachees precisely because they take part in the action and do not remain passive. Real change takes place within an individual and from there it goes out into the world through behaviour.


We share knowledge and skills in a scientifically substantiated way that is in line with the most recent insights in the field of neuroplasticity, psychosomatics, heart coherence and trauma processing with the aim of experiencing one's own potential. Participants who understand the process they are in and learn to discover the functioning of their own brain and body, experience more understanding for themselves and others, feel a stronger motivation and follow their own progress in a more conscious way.

SARAFIJN is the acronym for:

  • SAFETY: (inner) security is the basis for growth, creativity and change.

  • AWARNESS: awareness is perception without judgment.

  • RESILIENCE: Resilience is the (physical) skill and (physical) ability to respond to changing conditions or disturbances in such a way that essential characteristics are restored.

  • AGILE ACTIONS: taking agile actions is the ability to easily adapt actions or change them in function of what is happening in the environment and the inner interpretation thereof.

  • FOCUS: Focus is where attention is focused and where the energy is directed.

  • INNER STATE:  inner state, is the feeling that also determines the degree of energy.

  • JOY: pleasure is the increased emotion that makes the transformation energetically possible.

  • NEVERENDING: infinite, the process itself keeps repeating itself in all facets.

In addition, Sarafijn finds its origin in

  • Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning

  • Saffier, Sapphire, the stone of wisdom, which provides peace of mind, serenity and harmony on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

  • Fijn, Fine, behind the pain it's fine. Fun lies behind letting go of the pain


Do you want to experience this for yourself? Please contact a Sarafijn Practioner, Coach or come to the coffee/tea to get acquainted.